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What is Low-Impact Living?

At Cedar Woods, you'll live in ways that are good for you and healthy for the land. With nearly 20 acres of native prairie plantings and seven rain gardens, Cedar Woods is designed to protect water quality with beautiful landscaping suited to Madison County's climate.

The loose, deep soils in strategically-placed rain gardens absorb rainwater, prevent runoff, control soil erosion, and filter pollutants. Unlike ponds and lakes, rain gardens aren't designed to hold water permanently. With their infiltration trenches and bio-swells planted with native grasses and wildflowers, Cedar Woods' low-maintenance rain gardens also provide an attractive element to the landscape.

Building a better neighborhood

Unlike traditional neighborhoods, Cedar Woods has no curbs or gutters. Instead, the streets will be lined with native grasses and wildflowers and are designed to be aesthetically pleasing.

To better protect groundwater water, lawn fertilizer applications will include organic, slow-release products that can only be applied twice a year. To help you landscape your home in harmony with low-impact living, Cedar Woods will also provide educational materials, and funds may be available from local conservation groups. In addition, Cedar Woods includes a homeowners' association to maintain the conservation aspects of the community.

Picture yourself at Cedar Woods

To start the conversation, contact Bryan Schwartz of Iowa Realty at (515) 974-7604.

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